thinking of your  farewell left a bitter taste in my mouth. the leaves have departed from their branches. the summer weather has curled itself up into winter slumber. and you – you have found the  person to keep your hands warm during this foreboding season. my hands are bare without another pair to keep them… Continue reading bare.

perfect storm.

you could say  i recognized that my weakness had become you. in the way  you ravished my thoughts through your words. the vapor that always managed to slip between your lips kept me under its hypnosis. your scent could never leave my nostrils and stained the pillows we would lay on. yet, your transparency slowly… Continue reading perfect storm.


i could feel it in the breeze. this force of nature that could not be foreseen. it has a grip on me  and makes me see the world in new colors scents desires. the past versions of me have become sealed into distant memory. occasionally, you will see me gloss through its pages, but why… Continue reading change.


i lay in the crosshairs of something of my own creation. the hands that taught me how to love also taught me the importance of learning to let go. i could never follow up something so perfect when i had needed it for just hollow cruelty. in my darkest hours, i thought i could build… Continue reading hollow.


i have found my spot here in the milky way floating on the clouds you brought me to. the stars in both of our eyes tell me it was not simple fate that brought us here. your touch proves mesmerizing in a way i could think about only in dreams. while the universe may be… Continue reading universe.


i wish i could capture the moments of summer that slid through my fingers so fast. freeze them in ink before they melted into the endless rhythm. now i await the fall of everything. of countless mistakes. dropping the opportunities i struggle to carry in my hands. i cannot bear the weight of it no… Continue reading melt.


through the coat of liquor on your lips, you speak about how how much you have enjoyed my company over the years. i have tried to hold you in my grasp, but you have always been just too far away. out of reach, almost. i wish i could tell you about the amount of times… Continue reading company.